My experiences in everyday life, gives me the inspiration for my paintings.

Usually when there is silence around me and I get quiet to suck the sight of beauty, the fragrance of love, the feeling of anxiety, and the sound of the atrocities of the past, which blends with modern fled screaming.

My name is Nazar Saad.
My life began in 1981 in a Syrian refugee camp. In my fifth year ended journey for my mother, my siblings and I, in little Denmark. Here I was, and caused trouble.

I am a stereotype stateless Palestinian who has spent my childhood to be missing my country's red-colored earth between my toes, spent my youth in fights, robbing banks and State Denmark a lot of money, which led to that I have spent some years of my adult life to pay for it inside the walls.

When I finally had a little wiser and a mind less, I decided to educate myself to a carpenter, and I started my own company up. It was great to be able to accomplish and create.

But one day I was confused with another stereotype, which resulted in 27 stab wounds, countless treatments, anxiety-filled days and nights, so I chose to drop my company traveled south, and resumed my interest in creating on canvas.

My passion for painting has always been present. As a child, I could spend hours creating landscapes on paper. But it was only when I as a prisoner got a lot of spare time that I really started to paint.

I love to admire moments, people, nature, whether it be in the form of beautiful women high mountains reflected in water, cartoon characters in action, as our children's heroes or huge masses of sun-starved tourists azure beaches.

My passion for painting has always been present. As a child, I could spend hours creating landscapes on paper
Contact me for ideas, or if you have interest in my images.""







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